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Galerie Pleiku

Eugen-Schönhaar-Strasse 6A
10407 Berlin (Prenzlauer Berg)

Gallery is open tuesday-saturday 15:00-19:00

(on concert days we close 18:00 22/23/26/28/30.3)

During the opening hours Antti does Light, one-to-one performances (15min)


Antti Tolvi
Sound, light, silence
By its nature, silence is free. Free from popularity and egoism, free from being permanent anywhere. It is free from trying to be something more what it is. It is just freedom actually what there is. Freedom to not having to need to do things what this worship of capitalisim and individualim wants. If it starts to get these features, then it is most probably something else.

Classic from history:

Composition / Installation